Hardware Initiative

As part of our hardware initiative we offer the possibility to certify, produce and sell the hardware for you. In return we give you a share of the revenue, the share depends on the quality of the design and how much tasks and risks we have to take.

A rough estimate is that you will receive between 10% and 40% of the revenue, depending on the quality, while you basically have no risk.

The basic requirements are:

  • The hardware must be designed for state-of-the-art electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).
  • The software/firmware should be open source.
  • The hardware may be open hardware.
  • The recommended EDA is KiCad.

Nevertheless, it is difficult to say whether a design based on design rules is usable or not. If you plan to design a module for this program from the beginning, it is recommended to contact us early.
If you’re making a design just for fun, it’s fine to submit what you’ve created at any time.