IO Module

Openhab detection

Using IO Modules over the network

The IO Module is fully network compatible.
This means you can detect and use it from any openHAB instance in the network e.g:

  • A server running openHAB can access an IO Module connected on a Nexus in the network
  • A Nexus can access an IO Module form another Nexus

By default mDNS is used to detect devices on the network.
The first Nexus is called noreya-nexus.local in the network, the second noreya-nexus-2.local and so on.
This numbering is done by the mDNS protocol and in general stable based on the IP/MAC addresses.
However, if one of the systems go offline the protocol renumbers the hosts e.g: If there are noreya-nexus.local, noreya-nexus-1.local and noreya-nexus-2.local and noreya-nexus-1.local goes down noreya-nexus-2.local becomes noreya-nexus-1.local.

The openHAB plugin stops if detects such a change to avoid further problems.

Qualified personal

Must only be used and installed by qualified personal

Cable length

The maximum cable length for the IO Module is 3m. Shielded cable must be used for PWM mode.

Network detection

Label description

Label Led On LED off LED blinking
1 Output/PWM mode (active) Input mode
2 Output/PWM mode (active) Input mode
3 Output/PWM mode (active) Input mode
4 Output/PWM mode (active) Input mode
5 Output/PWM mode (active) Input mode
6 Output/PWM mode (active) Input mode
OCR Overcurrent event
OVP Over-/Undervoltage event